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Stormwater is the only growing source of water pollution in many watersheds in North America, while climate change is driving a need for additional freshwater supply in the West. With rising compliance costs and competition for municipal budgets, communities need cost-effective solutions to improve water quality. Environmental Incentives works with municipalities, regulators, and the private sector to design performance-based programs that maximize the impact of available budgets.

Cost-benefit Analysis of Bacteria TMDLs

Working with the California Water Quality Control Board, Environmental Incentives conducted a cost-benefit analysis of 14 policy alternatives to reduce bacteria in San Diego county waterways. Results of the analysis are being used to better target the implementation plan in a permittee-driven total maximum daily load (TMDL) revision.

Community-based Public-Private Partnerships

Community-based public-private partnerships (CBP3s) have the potential to accelerate adoption of green stormwater infrastructure while providing additional community benefits. Environmental Incentives is developing a guidebook to help local governments in Washington State determine if a CBP3 is right for their community and to guide them through the design and implementation process.

Pay for Performance Contracts for Stormwater Management

Pay for Performance is an alternative procurement strategy for improving water quality by linking payment to verified pollutant reductions. This technical brief outlines various contract strategies that incentivize cost-effective project design and create opportunities for private financing of stormwater infrastructure.

Featured Projects

Orange County Water Quality Improvement Plan

We are helping South Orange County define performance measures that support the implementation of their Water Quality Improvement Plan.... Read more

Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Cost-Benefit Analysis evaluates implementation changes to achieve Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Loads, with greater benefits and at a lower cost, in the waterways of San Diego and Orange Counties.... Read more

Community-Based Public-Private Partnerships

We're working with Washington State to help local governments design and implement Community-Based Public-Private Partnerships in order to more effectively achieve stormwater and community... Read more

Lake Clarity Crediting Program For Lake Tahoe

The Lake Clarity Crediting Program For Lake Tahoe, formally adopted in 2011, measures the total amount of key pollutants entering the lake from urban stormwater and sets load reduction targets... Read more

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